The pachira (pachira aquatica) is a tropical plant whose flowers give edible nuts. Although native to South America, its symbolism is strongest in Asia. According to the Chinese tradition, its palmate leaves resemble hands that catch the good fortune of which the twisted trunk becomes the guardian.

Also popular in Japan and Taiwan, it is often used for ornamental purposes and makes a great housewarming gift by guaranteeing happiness and prosperity to the new home.

The fruits of the pachira are those of the work of art:
To the one who cherishes it, it will exalt his artistic passion and his interior.
To the one who invests, it guarantees a safe, even prosperous investment.

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“When we paint we feel connected to the “universe” in creation by what we call a “silver thread”.


Painting, under the name of Bastélica, which is our patronymic, we are three sisters, triplets with exactly the same genetic make-up, born on 31 December 1955.

We practice the art of painting in an equally inseparable way, since we conceive and produce our works with three hands.

We have never stopped submitting our work to the public’s judgement, in personal or collective exhibitions, whether in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, in Corsica, in Paris or in Germany.

Living for painting, we want to express through it what we feel, to put on canvas what our soul inspires us, to communicate our passion.