The pachira (pachira aquatica) is a tropical plant whose flowers give edible nuts. Although native to South America, its symbolism is strongest in Asia. According to the Chinese tradition, its palmate leaves resemble hands that catch the good fortune of which the twisted trunk becomes the guardian.

Also popular in Japan and Taiwan, it is often used for ornamental purposes and makes a great housewarming gift by guaranteeing happiness and prosperity to the new home.

The fruits of the pachira are those of the work of art:
To the one who cherishes it, it will exalt his artistic passion and his interior.
To the one who invests, it guarantees a safe, even prosperous investment.

Summer is a beautiful season, it is also a time of inspiration for many artists. What could be better than contemplating warm colours, reminiscent of the sun, heat, beaches, joy and good humour? Enjoy these holiday works by well-known and/or little-known artists.


Figures on the beach – Pierre Auguste Renoir

This work was painted in 1890 by Renoir. The theme of this impressionist painting takes us back to childhood memories.


Walk by the sea (Paseo a orillas del mar) by Sorolla Joaquìn

It was in the summer of 1909, precisely in Valencia, that the artist painted his most famous picture. This oil on canvas is now in the Sorolla Museum in Madrid (Spain).


The beach with the red bonnet by Maurice Denis (1909)

Maurice Denis was a French artist (1870-1943). He was not only a painter but also a theorist, critic and art historian, decorator, glass painter, engraver, illustrator…

She looks at her island- JC Bourcier

This pastel painting reminds us that Polynesians are very attached to their land.

Find this work on this link

Elle regarde son île


Te tere (The journey) – JC Bourcier 

In Polynesia, the boat remains the preferred means of travel.


Te tere (le voyage)


In the boat 1907- Lilla Cabot Perry

Strongly influenced by the painter Claude Monet, Lilla Cabot Perry is well known for her portraits and landscapes.



On the beach, sunset (1865)- Eugène Boudin

Eugène BOUDIN strongly influenced the impressionist movement. This oil on wood has been compared to Claude Monet’s Garden in Bloom at Sainte-Adresse.



A day at the beac – Larson Jeffrey T (2001)

Doesn’t this work make you want to escape to a warm sandy beach ?

Day of god – Paul Gauguin

Day of god is one of the works painted by Gauguin during his many trips to Polynesia.


The boat and the bathers  – Paul Cézanne (vers 1890)

Before being restored to its original state in 1973, the painting was separated into three parts. Two of them were given to the State by the widow of the dealer and collector Paul Guillaume. In 1973, the national museums bought the missing part.





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