The pachira (pachira aquatica) is a tropical plant whose flowers give edible nuts. Although native to South America, its symbolism is strongest in Asia. According to the Chinese tradition, its palmate leaves resemble hands that catch the good fortune of which the twisted trunk becomes the guardian.

Also popular in Japan and Taiwan, it is often used for ornamental purposes and makes a great housewarming gift by guaranteeing happiness and prosperity to the new home.

The fruits of the pachira are those of the work of art:
To the one who cherishes it, it will exalt his artistic passion and his interior.
To the one who invests, it guarantees a safe, even prosperous investment.

The pachira aquatica, a tropical plant originating from South America, is considered a valued companion, friend, and good luck charm on life’s journey. In Asia, particularly China, the plant’s webbed leaves are believed to resemble hands that catch money and fortune, while its twisted trunk is regarded as a guardian of good luck. Popular for ornamental purposes in Japan and Taiwan, the pachira aquatica is also a favored gift during housewarming ceremonies, believed to bring happiness and prosperity to the home.

The plant’s edible nuts are considered a work of art and are said to inspire artistic passion and enhance one’s interior, while investing in the plant is believed to ensure a safe and prosperous investment.